Meet Cindy

Cindy Ziemke: A Conservative Leader for Southeast Indiana.

Raised in Hamburg, Indiana Cindy Ziemke learned about hard work and the value of a dollar on her family farm. Now, Cindy is a small business owner who still believes in the value of hard work and the opportunity that small businesses create in their local communities.

As the owner of the Brau Haus Cindy Ziemke understands what it takes to create jobs, make a payroll and deliver a quality product. As a mother and an outspoken right to life advocate Cindy also shares the values of faith and family that that are the building blocks of our communities.

Now Cindy wants to take her experience as a successful businessperson and conservative leader to the statehouse to fight for smaller and smarter government so we can get the government out of the way and get our local economy moving again.